Today’s physicians and other caregivers have access to more than 5,000 different patient tests to help them evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients. The problem is that physicians receive these test results from a wide range of disparate sources that use vastly different reporting formats.

Displaying test results in fragmented, variable and incomplete formats prevents physicians from efficiently reviewing and analyzing vital patient information. This can lead to:

  • Clinicians spending far too much time (an estimated 30%) gathering and organizing data
  • Critical information being missed which can cause medical errors
  • Redundant testing (an estimated 14% to 30% of the 30 billion diagnostic tests done annually in the US are non-contributory and avoidable)
  • The inability to share or exchange vital clinical information among providers
  • Underutilization of EHRs and other health IT applications and an unnecessary reliance on paper, telephones, and fax machines

In order to provide cost-effective, high quality care, physicians and other caregivers need immediate access to accurate, timely, and comprehensive clinical information.

The patented DISSM Solution provides rapid access to cumulative patient information in an easy to read and analyze format that increases the accuracy and efficiency of patient care and improves the productivity of physicians, nurses and others at all points of care.

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