In order to provide cost-effective, high quality care to each patient, physicians and other caregivers need immediate access to accurate, timely, and complete clinical information.

The patented DISSM Solution provides rapid access to cumulative patient information in an easy to read and analyze format that increases the accuracy and efficiency of patient care and improves the productivity of physicians, nurses and others at all points of care.

DISSM can aggregate and collate more than 5,000 different patient test results and display them all in one place in the same user-friendly format. Its ease of access and use adds immediate value to the healthcare delivery process:

  1. Converts raw patient test results data into organized, meaningful information for easy access, viewing, and analysis
  2. Provides a standardized reporting format that unifies test results from all data sources for users at all points of care
  3. Integrates test results data on all levels (data, application, system and network) increasing efficiency, accuracy and productivity
  4. Reduces the number of pages and screens on which results are displayed by an average of 80 percent
  5. Saves time and helps physicians minimize duplicate and non-contributory testing

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