Polaris Medical Management, Inc.
Cranston-based Polaris is a Management Service Organization (M.S.O.) formed by Rhode Island physicians to provide smaller independent physician practices with the necessary support and expertise needed to effectively operate in today's changing healthcare industry. Polaris’ EpiChart is a CCHIT and SureScripts-certified fully integrated electronic medical record (EMR) and Practice Management System.

Designed by Rhode Island physicians, the system offers a full range of functionality including appointment scheduling, EDI billing, Soap Notes, lab results, prescription writing, and disease registries. The Polaris EDI Clearinghouse offers physicians access to Clinical Continuity of Care Records (CCR) and inter-provider messaging. EpiChart, allows physicians to transform their current paper chart systems into a dynamic, integrated database of accessible patient clinical information. EpiChart is already exchanging clinical lab test data between three large clinical laboratories (at three Lifespan hospitals, the East Side Clinical Lab and Quest Diagnostics, Inc.), and over 100 physician offices in Rhode Island and has initiated the development of the DIS Company’s patented clinical functionality for the first 53 of the most common diagnostic clinical lab tests.
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Founded in 1999, ERCard, LLC (ERC) is the leading independent (“non-tethered”) Personal Health Record (PHR) service provider in Rhode Island with over 3,100 members. In Rhode Island, the ERCard program is currently administered in partnership with the University of Rhode Island (URI) College of Pharmacy, Healthcare Utilization Management Center (HUMC). Combining technology with “hands on” health care, the ER Card leads a national trend in health care to improve access to personal health information and give patients more control over their personal medical information. ER Card technology allows doctors and other professional caregivers to have immediate access by web, phone or fax to a patient’s comprehensive health history. This dramatically improves clinical outcomes for patients, efficiency of care for providers and financial outcomes for payers.

As the leading provider of consumer Personal Heath Record (PHR) services in Rhode Island. ERCard has been partnering with both Middletown, RI-based Purvis, Inc. (for IT support and public safety emergency communications services) and the URI College of Pharmacy for clinical pharmacist review of ERCard patient medication profiles. Preliminary review of ERCard members with 20 or more medications has found an average of 3.5 potential medication-related problems per member including high risk drug-drug interactions, dosing errors, and therapeutic duplication of generic and brand name medications.
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 University of Rhode Island, College of Pharmacy
The mission of the College of Pharmacy is to educate Doctor of Pharmacy degree students in the pharmaceutical sciences and in patient care, to train Masters and Doctoral degree students in pharmaceutical and biomedical research, and to provide service in these disciplines at state, national and international levels. Integral to this mission is expansion of its leadership role in the discovery, evaluation, dissemination, and application of pharmaceutical knowledge for the benefit of society. Increased emphasis is placed on collaborative research, particularly regarding the real-world effects of medications and systems for enhancing medication use. Hence, the College has established the Healthcare Utilization Management Center (HUMC), which provides pharmacy benefit management services to a variety of clients in the healthcare marketplace.
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